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Mariela Sverdloff

Coma is a collective of architects who have an extensive retail design & commercial interiors understanding. Coma specialises in developing retail identities for some of Australia’s best known local & international retail brands.
Mariela Sverdloff has recently been appointed director & CEO of Coma. Mariela has created retail environments for brands the likes of Armani, Kenzo & Cacharel internationally. Coma’s body of work includes stores for Reebok, Ben Sherman, Lacoste, The North Face, Oroton Group, Gazal Corp, Calvin Klein, Oakley, Guess, Sergio Tacchini and Angus & Coote Group as well as numerous one-off projects.

Mariela Sverdloff
Phone: (02) 9331-5599

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1. Overall, what was your design intent / aspirations on the project?
The key design intent for the Gelatissimo projects was to evoke an Italian feeling. It was decided very early on in the piece to evoke a sense of modern Italy, rather than the traditional – and from the earliest design concepts, Marblo® seemed to work perfectly to assist in conveying this
2. Why was Marblo® specified? / What benefits did then use of Marblo® bring to the project?
The initial concepts were designed for the site at Manly Wharf – an open space within a newly restored heritage building. Marblo’s ability to be thermoformed and seamlessly joined, in addition to it’s durability made it the perfect choice for the application.

As there was no opportunity for ceiling illumination, the lighting came from within the kiosk itself. A neutral coloured Marblo® was selected and rear illuminated - providing the perfect opportunity to draw attention to the store, without over-powering or competing with the merchandise.

Marblo® was specified for its durability and aesthetic qualities – no other resin-based material achieves the level of consistency throughout the product that Marblo does in their opalescent range. It captures and rebounds the light, achieving a beauty that no other product on the market can match.

Whilst the Manly store was the initial prototype for the brand, the use of Marblo® has remained an integral and fundamental part of the Gelatissimo brand identity throughout its various applications. We exported the product to Korea, Indonesia & Singapore for Gelatissimo’s international outlets, as there was simply nothing available in the local markets offshore that stood up to the Marblo® product range.

In the Bondi Junction store, Marblo® was able to recreate a perfect match to the corporate colour for its signage application. When rear illuminated, the opalescent Marblo® range achieves a softness to the glow that cannot be achieved with acrylics.

We find that Marblo® is ideally suited for premium retail & commercial environments.

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Marblo Surfaces

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